Chartered Counselling Psychologist

& Psychotherapist

Dr Sherylin Thompson

Counselling Canary Wharf

Unit 68 Cannon Workshops

Cannon Drive

Canary Wharf

London E14 4AS          


     07940 516 806

[email protected]


Skype: sherylin.thompson


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Canary Wharf E14


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what type of therapy

do you practice?

There are many types of therapy or schools of psychological thought. They fall, more or less, into one of three main categories: Cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic or humanistic. Each therapy has a set of theories on the human mind and how a person can overcome  difficulties. A therapist or psychologist will work with you based on the theories he or she has studied and practiced.


I am ‘integrative’ in approach. This means that I am trained to start with the problem the client brings rather than sticking strictly to just one approach. Integrative modalities draw on what is in common between many of the different theories. It puts the client and the client’s concerns at the centre and pulls in understandings and insights from a variety of sources. I use a wide range of both traditional and modern psychological techniques to be able to tailor my approach to suit my clients' needs. This means that my approach to working with you will be as unique as you are.